Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Hamster

Like many other children, I too had a pet hamster. A sweet, funny little guy named Hammie.

Hammie was very smart with a social outgoing personality. He even learned to do some tricks.
One of his favorite tricks was standing on his hind legs and begging for food until his cheek pouches were so full he couldn’t stand up anymore.

When out of his cage Hammie would follow me around the apartment. When I stood still he would climb up my leg and back and onto my shoulder where he could get a better view of things. He also liked to snuggle by my neck.

Of course, there was the inevitable night when Hammie popped the latch on the cage door and spent the night exploring things on his own. After searching everywhere, he was finally found hiding behind the refrigerator and had to be coaxed out with sunflower seeds...his favorite food.

Hammie the hamster will always have a special place in my heart.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Ferrets ( part 3 )

When I took the ferrets for their checkup the vet asked me if I would consider adopting another ferret. A previous client had moved away and left the ferret with the vet. I was told that the poor ferret had been living in a cage in the back of the vet’s office for quite awhile. I said I would consider adopting the ferret if he was compatible with Freddy T and Jennifer.

The ferret was a beautiful sable male a little larger than Freddy T. When introduced, the three ferrets greeted each other like long lost friends. Sooo, “Anthony”, became part of our family.

The next morning I was awakened by three gleeful ferrets bouncing around on my bed. They pounced on each other and wrestled, then tunneled through the covers chasing each other. I found their happiness contagious.

Jen was the ringleader, and Freddy was Mr. happy go lucky. Anthony was more laid back and liked to study things a bit before jumping in.

Coming home from work and finding my socks and underwear in the middle of the front room, and the toilet bowl brush behind the gas stove had become part of our daily routine. Although sometimes they hid things under the couch...keys, wallet,  mail, banana. Life with ferrets is an endless adventure.

These beautiful, intelligent little souls taught me more about love, and having fun and living in the moment than I can put into words.

I will be forever grateful to Jennifer, Freddy T. and Anthony for having blessed my life.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Ferrets  ( part 2 )

The shelter did have another ferret, so I went to have a look at him.  
 When I arrived at the shelter an attendant led me to a room in the back. The ferret was all alone in a large cage looking confused, and totally bummed out. He was a beautiful sable male named Freddy T. It was love at first sight.

Jennifer was sleeping in the bottom dresser drawer when I came home with Freddy. When I walked into the bedroom with Freddy in my arms Jen looked up at us through half closed eyes then started to go back to sleep. A few seconds later she opened her eyes again and looked at Freddy and me as though she thought she were dreaming. When Jen realized it wasn’t a dream, she got up to meet her new friend.

At first the two ferrets touched noses. Then, in unison, they stood up on their hind legs facing each other then sat back down. They stood up and sat back down several times. Finally, they stood up and hugged each other, then rolled over and started to play. 

They ran around the apartment playing tag. Then they got on the bed and tunneled through the covers. They chased each other around the dining table and under the chairs until they were tired out.

When the ferrets were finished playing they cuddled together in the dresser drawer for a nap.

The next day I was awakened by two happy ferrets dancing around on my bed.
Little did I know that soon there would be three.... ( continued )

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Ferrets

My first ferret was a tiny silver female with a bigger than life personality. On the one  hand, she was a feisty independent little soul. On the other hand, a beautiful, delicate little lady who I named Jennifer.

Jen came to me in a rather small cage which I believe she must have considered stifling.
My basement apartment with heat registers near the ceiling and electrical outlets a couple of feet up from the floor was very ferret friendly. Thus, Jen would have free run of the apartment, and never have to live in a cage again.

Our first night together I put Jen’s cage on the floor by the side of my bed and left the cage door open. This way Jen was free to explore her new surroundings or go back in the cage if she chose. In the morning I was awakened by ferret kisses and the excited dook, dook, dook, sound that ferrets make, as Jen danced around on my bed.

I’ll never forget Jennifer’s reaction the day the cage was taken away by the friend I had given it to. Her eyes sparkled, and she dooked, and danced, and ran around the apartment with what I can only describe as rapture. Oh, how she must have loathed that cage.

Jennifer adjusted quickly to her new home. First, by making a nest inside my favorite chair. Then by claiming the bottom drawer of the dresser. She also liked to stash every new toy I bought her under the dresser.

As happy as Jen seemed to be, I still worried about her being alone while I was at work and I decided to get her a companion. So I called the shelter where I had adopted Jen to ask if they had taken in any more ferrets.      ( continued )

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cricket  ( part 2 )    

Cricket spent the night in my finished basement. In the morning I brought food down to her. When I set the dish of food down, instead of eating, she looked at it then rubbed back and forth against my leg in a gesture of gratitude that touched my soul.
In the weeks that followed Cricket continued to gain weight. She was obviously pregnant.
Our vet thought Cricket was only about a year old, and that this was probably her first litter.
Cricket’s kittens where born on the anniversary of what had been the worst day of my life. Their birth on that day was like a soothing balm for my aching heart. ( Yes, I kept the kittens. )
Cricket was a wonderful caring mother who nursed, and cleaned, and played with her kittens.
After her kittens were weaned Cricket enjoyed being on the enclosed porch where she could sit on the window ledge and watch the world go by. Sometimes we would sit on the couch together and enjoy the sun and each others company.
Cricket was a gentle, humble soul who truly blessed my life, and will live forever in my heart.


One late summer afternoon a beautiful Tortoiseshell cat, who I named Cricket, turned up on my front steps.
I was sure the cat was one of the neighborhood strays.
She ate the food I fixed for her, then she caught and ate a cricket. ( This is how she got her name.) When she was finished eating she went on her way. I didn’t know if I would see her again, but I set out a bowl of food just in case she came back.
The next day when I checked the food was gone. For the next several weeks I continued to set out food for Cricket. Sometimes I would see her eat the food, sometimes I didn’t
Then, one cold snowy day when I opened the door to set out the food, Cricket was standing there. I held the door open and she came my heart and home.

.     ( continued )